Your powerful engine will be made useless if you don't have control over your car; that's the reason vehicles are provided with a suspension system. For less bouncy rides, the vehicle's suspension, the suspension assembly comes with a Jeep Commander shock absorber, which reduces unwanted motions of your automobile's spring. If your shock absorber fails to do its task, you should expect an irrepressible automobile as well as a bouncy ride as the spring will send out the force it gets while driving over uneven roads.

Since it is fundamentally an oil pump that's installed between the frame and your wheels, the shock absorber transforms motion to heat by forcing oil thru small passages inside of a tubular casing. When you have a total control over your car or truck and it's also working smoothly regardless of how bumpy the path is, then your Jeep Commander shock absorber is doing its job properly; it will help extend the life span of numerous automobile components. Even in rough roads, the shock absorber ensures that the automobile's body and framework continue to be stable.

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