Your high-powered engine will be useless once you do not have total control over your vehicle; that's exactly the reason cars and trucks are provided with a suspension assembly. To make your drives comfortable, the suspension includes a Jeep Cherokee shock absorber, which reduces undesirable motions of your automobile's spring. With no shock absorber, the automobile's spring will uncontrollably release the power it takes in when passing over some bumps and it'll jump consistently, therefore resulting in a very bouncy journey on rough areas and obviously, an uncontrollable vehicle.

Since it is basically an oil pump that's installed in between the frame and your wheels, the shock absorber converts motion into heat energy by forcing oil through tiny passages inside a tubular housing. A well-functioning Jeep Cherokee shock absorber does not only guarantee a comfy trip and improved control of your vehicle; it also prolongs the service life of various other components composing the vehicle. In irregular road conditions, it is the shock absorber that maintains the firmness needed by the automobile's body and chassis.

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