For the last 90 years in the automotive industry, Isuzu has been continually developing vehicles that exceedingly meet the needs of their customers. Armed with passion and dedication to push the limits of capability, every Isuzu vehicle was designed, built and tested to produce highly-engineered vehicles. You can never go wrong with an Isuzu vehicle because a strict quality system ensures that every component of your vehicle has met the concept of guaranteed quality that it is well tested to ensure that your Isuzu vehicle will be able to stand even in the most brutal conditions.

The unparalleled performance of every Isuzu vehicle is accounted for the high quality components attached to it. One of the major systems that aid your car's over all performance is the suspension system, which aids in your vehicle's braking and handling. Your suspension system constitutes a number of elements; one of which is the Isuzu shock absorber. This vital auto component's primary function is to control the spring and suspension movement of your car. By turning the kinetic energy of suspension movement into heat energy or thermal energy, the basic function of your Isuzu shock absorbers is accomplished.

Isuzu shock absorbers come in different designs. Some of these are the PSD, ASD, Mono tube, Gas Charged, and Twin Tube designs. No matter what type of shock absorbers you are using, each one is responsible for the smooth operation of your vehicle when it hits a bump. As with other car components, your Isuzu shock absorbers would eventually wear out. Bad shock absorbers would make your ride uncomfortable; because you will not be able to get a good control of your car once it hits a bump that is not only uncomfortable but dangerous as well. Do not risk yourself into a more serious trouble by having a defective shock absorber.

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