The passion for driving and life in itself has propelled Infiniti to build trucks and cars that will move their owners in bold new ways. Driver-friendly automobile that are distinctively different from the rival manufacturers has made them one of the most trusted and respected car manufacturer in the competitive world or automotive industry. Every Infinity vehicle carries the image of quality and innovation that goes beyond the expectations of car aficionados. With their 18 years of building a new breed of automobiles that tend to feature tuned suspensions, more powerful engines, steering systems and more luxurious interior appointments—Infiniti is undoubtedly the car of choice for this modern generation.

The over all smoothness of your ride depends greatly upon the condition of your vehicle's suspension. Among the elements of your car's suspension system is the Infiniti shock absorber. Whenever your vehicle hits a bump, Infinity shock absorbers help absorb the up and down shock created by the springs. Moreover, your car is kept easily maneuverable even after a bumpy ride. A typical shock absorber is made up of leaf springs or torsion springs, although torsional shocks use torsion bars. Both springs and torsion bars are employed in modern vehicles, including hydraulic shock absorbers.

Having a regular maintenance schedule and proper care for your vehicle would make your Infinity shock absorber last longer. However, your Infinity shock absorbers need to be replaced once the suspension of your vehicle has been lowered. Defective shock absorbers will leave your vehicle uncontrollable and a bone jarring ride after a bump. Even though you are driving at a smooth surface, you will feel like you are off-roading. Not only is it uncomfortable, a defective shock absorber is also dangerous. A great way to return the comfort and stability of your vehicle is by replacing worn out Infiniti shock absorbers with a new one.

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