Apart from being the undisputed leader when it comes to motorcycle, Honda is also one of the leading auto manufacturer in Japan and at the same time the world's biggest manufacturer of engines. The company was founded by Socihiro Honda who first engaged in manufacturing of piston rings. Then he became a sub-contractor for Toyota and expanded by manufacturing other engine parts. Two years after the World War II, the company was named as Honda Motor Company, Ltd.

As a vehicle manufacturer, Honda started out in manufacturing scooters and motorcycles in Japan and in 1959, they initiated importing their scooters and motorcycles in the US market. It was only in the 1960's when the company began producing passenger cars for the Japanese market. Then in 1970's, Honda Motor Company introduces their cars to the US. Up to the present, Honda Motor Company is still venturing wide array of vehicles in the automotive market. Most of these Honda vehicles are widely praised because of their refinement, longevity and reliability. These traits are achieved because Honda Motor Company makes sure that every vehicle they produced is equipped with superior quality and high performance parts.

Honda shock absorber is just one of the many components making up every Honda vehicle. Both Honda cars and light trucks employ standard suspension systems. Honda front-wheel-drive vehicles that are equipped with McPherson strut suspension in front also employ a Honda shock absorber in the rear. The main reason why there's Honda shock absorber is to dampen the movement of the vehicle's spring as they compress and rebound during travel. In this case, extreme bouncing is reduced making it easier for the driver to control the vehicle. More than that, the ride quality is also improved because the tires are maintained to have a good contact to the road.

With the significance played by Honda shock absorber in having better control and handling as well as excellent ride quality while driving a Honda vehicle, keeping the device in tiptop shape and condition is must. The best way to ensure the capability of Honda shock absorber is through regular inspection. It is highly advised to inspect your Honda shock absorber at least once a year, along with wheel alignment. If you found out that your Honda shock absorber is no longer reliable in performing its function, don't waste your time. Immediately replace it with a new one to prevent wild damage in your suspension system.

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