No matter how powerful the engine could be, it will definitely be rendered useless if the driver does not have control over the automobile; it is for this reason that all vehicles are supplied with a suspension assembly before they are driven off the production area. The Ford M-400 shock absorber is among the most vital parts of the vehicle's suspension as it reduces excessive spring movement to offer you a relaxing trip. Without using a shock absorber, the automobile's spring will uncontrollably release the power it absorbs when passing through some dips and this will hop continuously, therefore resulting in bouncy ride on irregular surfaces and obviously, an unmanageable car.

Since it is fundamentally an oil pump that is sandwiched in between the automobile's frame and wheels, the shock absorber transforms kinetic energy in to heat by driving oil through small passages within a tubular casing. A working Ford M-400 shock absorber does not only assure a comfortable journey and better control of your vehicle; it as well extends the life of various other vehicle components. In irregular surfaces, it is the shock absorber that retains the steadiness necessary for the vehicle's body and frame.

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