Not even one of the humps is going to change your current convenience within the cabin because you have a reliable Ford Festiva shock absorber in the automobile's suspension. This specific suspension part is actually a mechanical component known as dashpot, damper, or merely, shocks. Its task also safeguards the rest of a vehicle's suspension and steering components from getting impaired by these shocks.

You'll locate the Ford Festiva shock absorber mounted on a control arm, usually on the upper arm, and then framework of the motor vehicle. In its tough outer shell is one pressure tube filled with hydraulic fluid in which a piston rod compresses. A shock absorber really works just like an oil pump with the piston rod to move up /down, compressing and de-compressing the hydraulic fluid inside. Whenever your rod moves up, the damper is set in extension cycle; when the piston rod is down, the damper is in the compression cycle.

Eventually, your Ford Festiva shock absorber will wear and then, a replacement unit is necessary. Find a shock that will suit your suspension system only at Parts Train. Here, you can find KYB, Pro Comp, Bilstein, plus all the favorite brands in the automotive market. All of the auto solutions we've got over here are priced reasonably only for you.