However remarkable the engine can be, it will surely be made inefficient if the driver doesn't have control over the ride; it is for this reason that each car or truck is provided with a reliable suspension before they are released from the factory. For less springy rides, the vehicle's suspension, the suspension assembly comes with a Ford F53 shock absorber, which reduces unnecessary movements of your ride's spring. Without a shock absorber, your ride's spring will uncontrollably release the power it takes in when going through some bumps and it will bounce continuously, therefore resulting in an uncomfortable journey on rough terrains and obviously, an unmanageable car.

Since it is essentially an oil pump that's located between your framework and the wheels, your shock absorber turns kinetic energy into heat by sending oil through little channels inside a tubular casing. A well-functioning Ford F53 shock absorber doesn't only ensure a comfy trip and much better control over the automobile; it also helps lengthen the life of various other vehicle parts. In irregular road conditions, it's also the shock absorber that retains the firmness necessary for automobile's body and chassis.

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