Known by the name of "all-round safety", Fiat's commitments to safety has become a concrete project since the Sixties through research conducted by the Fiat Safety Center. To ensure road holding, driving comfort and protection, Fiat has developed preventive safety to active and passive safety through all research activities and tests available on all the cars in the range, ranging from crash tests by means of electronic dummies to individual components tests--that led to the creation of cutting-edge devices and systems.

One important part of your Fiat vehicle is the Fiat shock absorber, because the over all smoothness of your ride depends upon the condition of this auto part. Whenever your Fiat hits a bump, the up and down shocks created by the springs are being absorbed by the shock absorbers. Fiat shock absorbers also keep the truck or car easily maneuverable aside from absorbing the impact. A bouncing ride would definitely result with the absence of a shock absorber because the energy stored in the spring released to the vehicle will exceed the permitted range of suspension movement.

There are two classifications of shock absorbers: the spring type shock absorbers and the torsional shock absorbers. Coil spring or leaf springs are employed in most spring-based shock absorbers, while torsion bars are employed in torsional shock absorbers. But springs alone only store and do not distribute or absorb energy; that is why modern vehicles use either torsion bars or springs with hydraulic shock absorbers. The shock absorber is reserved specifically for the hydraulic piston that takes in the vibration with this kind of setup. Having a defective Fiat shock absorber would make you feel like you are off-riding even though you are traveling on a smooth surface. Safety should not be taken for granted, in exchange for a cool drive.

When you detect that the suspension of your vehicle has reduced, then it is time to replace them with a new Fiat shock absorber. Leaving a defective shock absorber on your vehicle would only get matters worse—with poor handling, limited shock life and bone grating ride. Parts Train is one of the online dealers of auto and truck parts and accessories offering high-quality Fiat shock absorbers. They are genuine replacement parts so you are ensured of durability and safety. We only want what is best for you and your vehicle that is why only products that meet the complex specifications of your Fiat are offered in our site. Call our toll free hotline number anytime you find most convenient—we are available at your service 24/7.