Your high-performance engine will be useless once you don't have complete control over your ride; that's exactly the reason cars and trucks are usually equipped with a suspension assembly. To grant you a comfy drive, the suspension includes a Dodge W300 shock absorber, which reduces unnecessary motion of your ride's spring. With no shock absorber, your ride's spring will put out the energy it takes up when passing over some dips and this will bounce endlessly, therefore resulting in bouncy trip on rough terrains and obviously, an irrepressible car.

Since it is essentially an oil pump that's installed in between the vehicle's frame and wheels, the shock absorber transforms kinetic energy in to heat energy by sending oil through tiny passageways within a tubular casing. A working Dodge W300 shock absorber doesn't just guarantee a comfy trip and improved control of the automobile; it also prolongs the service life of many other vehicle components. In bumpy roads, it's the shock absorber that sustains the firmness necessary for the vehicle's body and frame.

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