Regardless of how efficient the engine is, it will be of no good if the driver cannot control the automobile; it is due to this that each car or truck is supplied with a suspension system before they are released from the factory. The Dodge Durango shock absorber is one of the most vital components of the vehicle's suspension because it reduces unnecessary spring movement to give you a comfortable journey. If the shock absorber fails to carry out its task, you will have an uncontrollable vehicle plus a bouncy ride since the spring will send out all the energy it receives while driving over bumpy paths.

Placed between your frame and wheels, your shock absorber blows oil by means of small passages inside a tube-type casing and works to convert movements into heat energy. A well-functioning Dodge Durango shock absorber does not only guarantee a comfortable ride and better control over your vehicle; it as well extends the lifespan of many other components composing the vehicle. In irregular roads, it's also the shock absorber that sustains the steadiness necessary for vehicle's body and chassis.

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