Your Dodge shock absorber will isolate any impacts of road irregularities from being transferred on the body of the car. This particular suspension part is really a mechanical system known as dashpot, damper, or just, shocks. The actual dampening which this absorber does also help maintain suspension and steering parts from getting damaged gradually.

You'll track down the Dodge shock absorber mounted on a control arm, usually to the upper arm, and to the framework of the motor vehicle. Inside the hardened housing is a pressure tube full of hydraulic fluid which a piston rod moves up -down to. A good shock absorber actually works like an oil pump with the piston rod to move up and then down, compressing and de-compressing the hydraulic fluid inside. This part functions in just two cycles, up or extension and down or compression.

Gradually, the Dodge shock absorber will wear and a replacement unit is going to be needed. Get a good shock that will also match your suspension system only at Parts Train. We offer KYB, Pro Comp, Bilstein, and other reliable manufacturers . Virtually all auto parts we have here are priced reasonably only for you.