No matter how powerful the engine could be, it will surely be made inefficient if the driver does not have control over the vehicle; it's due to this that each motor vehicle is provided with a suspension system before they go out of the factory. To make your travels comfortable, the vehicle's suspension, the suspension assembly features a Chrysler Crossfire shock absorber, which reduces undesirable motions of your vehicle's spring. With no shock absorber, the automobile's spring will uncontrollably release the power it takes in when passing over some bumps and this will jump continuously, therefore resulting in a very bouncy trip on irregular terrains and obviously, an unmanageable car.

Because it is basically an oil pump that is sandwiched in between the frame and the wheels, the shock absorber converts kinetic energy in to heat energy by sending oil thru small passages inside a tubular housing. If you have a full control over your vehicle and it is running comfortably however bumpy the terrain is, your Chrysler Crossfire shock absorber is functioning properly; it will assist in extending the life span of numerous vehicle components. Even on irregular road conditions, the shock absorber ensures that the chassis and the body of the vehicle remain stable.

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