Your powerful engine will be of no use if you don't have complete control over your vehicle; that's exactly why cars and trucks are outfitted with a suspension system. For less springy rides, the suspension includes a Chevrolet Prizm shock absorber, which minimizes unwanted movements of the vehicle's spring. Without using a shock absorber, your ride's spring will sure give off the energy it takes up when going through some dips and it'll hop consistently, thus giving you a an uncomfortable ride on rough terrains and certainly, an uncontrollable car.

Since it is fundamentally an oil pump that's sandwiched between your frame and the wheels, your shock absorber turns motion in to heat energy by driving oil through tiny channels inside a tubular housing. A working Chevrolet Prizm shock absorber doesn't only assure a relaxing trip and improved control over the vehicle; it also prolongs the service life of various other components comprising the vehicle. In bumpy surfaces, it is the shock absorber that sustains the steadiness necessary for the automobile's chassis and body.

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