None of those bumps is going to affect your comfort inside the cab when you are equipped dependable Chevrolet Colorado shock absorber in your vehicle's suspension. This particular suspension component is a mechanical component dubbed as a dashpot, damper, or simply, shocks. The actual dampening that this absorber actually does also help maintain suspension and steering comprising parts from becoming impaired over time.

Your Chevrolet Colorado shock absorber is a comprising part of a suspension system and is fixed between your upper control arm and the vehicle frame. In its hardened outer shell is a pressure tube full of hydraulic fluid to which a piston rod moves up -down to. The shock absorber really works like an oil pump using a piston rod to go up and down, compressing and de-compressing the hydraulic fluid within the tube. When this rod motions up, the damper is in extension cycle; if the piston rod is down, the damper is in a compression cycle.

The heavy-duty Chevrolet Colorado shock absorber must be upgraded once in a while. A long list of options for it is available at Parts Train. We have KYB, Pro Comp, Bilstein, and all other reputable brand names . We can assure that the costs are lowest in the industry.