Regardless of how efficient the engine can be, it will be rendered useless if the motorist does not have control over the ride; it is due to this that every automobile is equipped with a reliable suspension before they go out of the assembly plant. To give you a comfy drive, the vehicle's suspension, the suspension assembly features a Buick Lucerne shock absorber, which minimizes unwanted movements of the automobile's spring. In case the shock absorber ceases to do its job, you will have an irrepressible automobile and an unstable drive because the spring will radiate all of the force it gets while driving over rough roads.

Positioned between your wheels and frame, your shock absorber sends oil through tiny channels inside a tubular casing and works to transform kinetic energy directly into heat energy. A well-functioning Buick Lucerne shock absorber doesn't only guarantee a relaxing trip and much better control over the vehicle; it as well extends the service life of various other vehicle components. Even in irregular road conditions, your shock absorber makes it a point that your automobile's body and frame stay stable.

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