Your high-powered engine will be made useless if you don't have complete control over your vehicle; that's exactly why vehicles are outfitted with a suspension system. To grant you a comfortable drive, the vehicle's suspension, the suspension assembly includes a Buick Lacrosse shock absorber, which minimizes unwanted motion of the ride's spring. Without a shock absorber, the automobile's spring will put out the power it takes in when passing over some dips and this will hop endlessly, hence supplying with a very bouncy trip on irregular areas and certainly, an uncontrollable car.

Placed between your frame and wheels, the shock absorber blows oil through small channels inside a tubular cover and works to convert movements into heat. A well-functioning Buick Lacrosse shock absorber does not only assure a relaxing trip and better control of your vehicle; it also helps lengthen the life of various other vehicle parts. In uneven surfaces, it's the shock absorber that retains the firmness necessary for automobile's body and chassis.

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