Your powerful engine will be useless once you do not have control over your car; that's exactly the reason automobiles are equipped with a suspension assembly. The Audi A6 shock absorber is among the most significant parts of the suspension because it dampens too much spring motion to give you a comfy ride. If the shock absorber fails to accomplish its task, you should expect an unmanageable vehicle plus a springy ride as the spring will give off all the energy it gets while driving over rough paths.

Since it is fundamentally an oil pump that is located in between the frame and the wheels, your shock absorber turns kinetic energy to heat energy by forcing oil through small channels within a tube-type casing. When you have a full control over your vehicle and it's also operating comfortably however bumpy the road is, your Audi A6 shock absorber is working correctly; it will help extend the life of many car parts. In uneven roads, it is the shock absorber that sustains the stability necessary for the automobile's body and frame.

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