The Audi A4 shock absorber absorbs all the impacts of uneven streets from transferring on the framework of your car. This particular suspension comprising part is a mechanical device referred to as dashpot, damper, or simply, shocks. The dampening that this absorber actually does also keep suspension and steering comprising parts from turning out defective gradually.

You'll locate the Audi A4 shock absorber mounted on a control arm, generally on the upper arm, and the frame of a vehicle. In its tough casing is pressure tube full of hydraulic fluid in which a piston rod moves up -down to. A long rod is securely mounted on a specially designed piston, which helps this specific damper work just like an excellent oil pump. Whenever this rod motions up, the damper is at extension cycle; once the piston rod goes down, the damper is at its compression cycle.

Gradually, your Audi A4 shock absorber will wear and replacement unit is going to be necessary. Find the shock that will match your suspension system here at Parts Train. Here at Parts Train, you can find KYB, Pro Comp, Bilstein, and all the most preferred makes in the after-sale sector. All of the auto parts we've got right here are reasonably priced just for you.