Your powerful engine will be made useless once you do not have complete control over your ride; that is actually the reason vehicles are usually provided with a suspension system. For less springy rides, the vehicle's suspension, the suspension assembly comes with a Acura Zdx shock absorber, which reduces undesirable motion of the ride's spring. With no shock absorber, your ride's spring will sure radiate the energy it takes in when passing over some bumps and this will jump continuously, hence providing you with an uncomfortable journey on rough areas and certainly, an irrepressible vehicle.

Because it is fundamentally an oil pump that's installed between your frame and the wheels, the shock absorber transforms kinetic energy to heat energy by forcing oil through little passageways within a tubular casing. A well-functioning Acura Zdx shock absorber does not only assure a relaxing ride and better control over the automobile; it also prolongs the service life of various other vehicle parts. In bumpy road conditions, it's also the shock absorber that sustains the steadiness necessary for automobile's body and chassis.

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