As opposed to using numerous belts in able to power up just about every equipment simultaneously, the serpentine belt of your Volvo V70 is used to drive several automobile accessories, including the alternator, air-conditioner compressor, and PS pump. Crafted to be hard-wearing, the Volvo V70 serpentine belt usually lasts for a long while, even till 150,000 miles without any regular upkeep necessary. Even though the multi-rib belt will be able to outlive several V-belts, it's bound to stop working over time by, especially when confronted with too much heat and pressure inside the engine chamber.

That squealing sound you heard may possibly be from an exhausted tensioner or simply a misaligned pulley, and so you'd better be 100% positive—find out exactly where that squeal is generated from before you fix the serpentine belt of your Volvo V70. You will probably trace frayed parts on the cords or ribs of a worn-out Volvo V70 serpentine belt. The serpentine belt will not readily discontinue operating when this component starts squealing or gets damaged-even so, you have to check this and buy a good OE replacement for your Volvo V70 when necessary.

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