Rather than the several V-belts used to power up different automobile accessories at the same time, the serpentine belt of your Volvo S80 is used to switch on these devices. Built to be hard-wearing, the Volvo S80 serpentine belt can last for a long while, sometimes about 150,000 miles without any routine upkeep necessary. Although the multi-rib belt can outlast several V-belts, it's meant to go wrong as time passes by, most especially when subjected to too much pressure and high temperatures in the engine compartment.

Once you take note of squealing when the automobile is running, you will have to find out if it is caused by a misadjusted pulley or a bad tensioner before you replace the serpentine belt of your Volvo S80. A faulty Volvo S80 serpentine belt is likely to have cracks or perhaps rough spots on its cords or ribs. The serpentine belt doesn't quickly cease working when this component starts to squeal or gets ruined-however, you must check this belt and shop for a trusty stock replacement for your Volvo S80 if necessary.

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