In place of the many V-belts employed to operate varied auto components all at once, the serpentine belt of your Toyota Avalon is used to activate these devices. Built to be tough, the Toyota Avalon serpentine belt usually lasts for a long while, sometimes about 150,000 miles with no tiresome maintenance needed. The multi-vee belt could be sturdy, however, it may break because of the severe environment inside the engine and frequent operation.

When you take note of some strange noise while driving, you'll have to find out if it is from an out-of-line pulley or even a bad tensioner before you swap the serpentine belt of your Toyota Avalon. You will most probably notice frayed parts on the grooves or cords of a failing Toyota Avalon serpentine belt. The serpentine belt does not instantly cease operating when it starts squealing or gets frayed-however, you have to examine it and search for a trusty OE replacement for your Toyota Avalon if required.

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