Rather than having various belts in able to power up just about every unit at one time, the serpentine belt of your Porsche is put to use to turn on multiple car accessories just like the alternator, air-conditioning unit compressor, and PS pump. Crafted to be sturdy, the Porsche serpentine belt lasts longer, even till more than a hundred thousand miles without tiresome maintenance necessary. Although the multi-vee belt may outperform heavy-loaded V-belts, it is likely to stop working after some time, most especially once confronted with too much pressure and heat inside the engine chamber.

That strange noise you heard might be from a shot tensioner and/or an out-of-alignment pulley, for that reason, better be certain—see precisely where that squeal is coming from just before you replace the serpentine belt of your Porsche . You will likely trace damage on the ribs or cords of a malfunctioning Porsche serpentine belt. The serpentine belt will not quickly cease functioning as soon as the belt starts to squeal or gets damaged-however, you must inspect it and shop for a dependable replacement for your Porsche if needed.

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