As opposed to having several belts in able to operate every single unit at once, the serpentine belt of your Pontiac is used to drive a number of automobile accessories, including the alternator, air-conditioner compressor, and P/S pump. What's good about the Pontiac serpentine belt is that this is designed to handle numerous components and will stay in top form for more than 100,000 miles with no maintenance. The poly-v belt might be hard-wearing, however, this may wear out due to the harsh conditions in the engine compartment and daily use.

As soon as you notice a squeal whilst driving, you will have to see if it's caused by a misaligned pulley or perhaps a terrible tensioner right before you change the serpentine belt of your Pontiac . A bad Pontiac serpentine belt will likely show chips or even rugged patches on its cords or ribs. The serpentine belt doesn't instantly cease functioning any time this component starts squealing or gets frayed-still, you should look at the belt and get a reliable stock replacement for your Pontiac if necessary.

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