Rather than using several belts in order to run every single unit at one time, the serpentine belt of your Nissan is put to use to switch on numerous automobile components such as the alternator, air-conditioning unit compressor, and P/S pump. Made to be hard-wearing, the Nissan serpentine belt lasts for a long time, even up to more than a hundred thousand miles without tedious upkeep needed. The poly-v belt might be sturdy, however, it might wear out, a result of the severe situations under the hood and daily use.

That squealing sound you noticed may possibly be coming from an exhausted tensioner and/or an out-of-line pulley, so better be 100% positive—find out exactly where that noise is coming from right before you repair the serpentine belt of your Nissan . A bad Nissan serpentine belt will likely have visible cracks or possibly uneven spots on its grooves or cords. That noise right from the serpentine belt says that you have to examine this straight away and, when necessary, seek out a dependable OEreplacement for your Nissan for utmost durability and functionality.

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