Rather than the multiple V-belts put to use to power up various car accessories all together, the serpentine belt of your Mazda is widely used to turn on these devices. What's nice about the Mazda serpentine belt is that this is built to manage many loads and will stay in good form for up to 150,000 miles with little to no maintenance. Although the poly-v belt will be able to outperform heavy-loaded V-belts, it is likely to stop working over the years, especially when exposed to too much pressure and heat inside the engine chamber.

In case you hear squealing while driving, you will have to confirm if it is from a misadjusted pulley or a terrible tensioner before you swap the serpentine belt of your Mazda . You're going to spot damage on the ribs or cords of a malfunctioning Mazda serpentine belt. The serpentine belt won't readily cease functioning whenever it starts to squeal or gets ruined-still, you must examine this and look for a reliable replacement for your Mazda if required.

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