Instead of using various belts to operate every single unit at the same time, the serpentine belt of your Lincoln Mkx is employed to turn on a number of automobile accessories, for example the alternator, air-conditioning unit compressor, and PS pump. Known to be tough, the Lincoln Mkx serpentine belt can last longer, even up to over 100,000 miles without regular upkeep needed. Even if the multi-rib belt can outperform heavy-loaded V-belts, it is bound to fail after some time, particularly if exposed to far too much pressure and heat under the hood.

That squealing sound you noticed may possibly be caused by an exhausted tensioner or simply a misadjusted pulley, and so you'd better be certainóconfirm where that squeal is generated from before you change the serpentine belt of your Lincoln Mkx. You will likely find frayed parts on the grooves or cords of a failing Lincoln Mkx serpentine belt. That squealing sound out of the serpentine belt informs you that you have to examine this belt right now and, when necessary, search for a premium-quality replacement for your Lincoln Mkx to ensure maximum durability and efficiency.

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