As opposed to the many V-belts employed to operate different types of auto equipment concurrently, the serpentine belt of your Lexus Ls400 is being used to switch on these equipment. What is nice about the Lexus Ls400 serpentine belt is that it's built to handle a large load and can remain intact for more than 100,000 miles even without maintenance. The multi-rib belt is durable, however, this belt may possibly come apart because of the severe environment under the hood and frequent usage.

The squeal you are hearing may possibly be from a shot tensioner or perhaps a misaligned pulley, and so you'd better be 100% positive—find out exactly where that squeal is generated from just before you change the serpentine belt of your Lexus Ls400. You'll most probably see frayed parts on the grooves or cords of a failing Lexus Ls400 serpentine belt. The serpentine belt won't very easily discontinue working as soon as the belt starts squealing or gets damaged-however, you need to examine it and look for a reliable stock replacement for your Lexus Ls400 if needed.

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