Majority of the parts underneath your Lexus Is300 bonnet operate on their own, although a few of these are driven by just an individual belt - the serpentine belt. The Lexus Is300 serpentine belt is designed to manage parts such as the AC plus other engine add-ons, spinning their driving pulley so that they can work properly as the engine runs.

The serpentine belt is an advanced component which replaced the various automobile belts which were widely used before, and it's turned out to be preferred as time went by because it is simpler and easier when it comes to usage. You will find one disadvantage in using this Lexus Is300 belt, though - since it operates many different parts, its malfunction usually provokes each of the said components to quit working and your automobile to stop running. Fortunately, changing serpentine belts is very easy - the task is uncomplicated and may be carried out fast. Be sure that you pay attention to the correct belt positioning before dismounting the said component to ensure that you are going to install the new one correctly without problem. Proper tension is also crucial whenever installing an aftermarket serpentine belt in your Lexus Is300 - this is going to prevent slips and assure you of great functionality.

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