As opposed to having numerous belts in able to run just about every unit at the same time, the serpentine belt of your Lexus Gs400 is employed to switch on multiple car components just like the alternator, A/C compressor, and P/S pump. Known to be sturdy, the Lexus Gs400 serpentine belt can last for a long time, sometimes up to more than a hundred thousand miles without regular maintenance necessary. Although the poly-v belt may outlast several V-belts, this is meant to go wrong as time passes by, specially when confronted with far too much heat and pressure under the hood.

As soon as you take note of squealing while driving, you'll have to see if it's caused by a misaligned pulley or a lousy tensioner just before you swap the serpentine belt of your Lexus Gs400. A defective Lexus Gs400 serpentine belt will probably show cracks or perhaps uneven patches on its cords or grooves. The squeal out of the serpentine belt tells you that you should check it right now and, if needed, search for a premium-quality replacement unit for your Lexus Gs400 to ensure maximum sturdiness and efficiency.

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