Instead of using many belts in order to run just about every equipment at one time, the serpentine belt of your Buick is employed to drive a number of automobile components, for instance the alternator, A/C compressor, and PS pump. What is nice about the Buick serpentine belt is that it is designed to work with a large load and may stay in top form for more than 100,000 miles even without maintenance. The multi-vee belt can be hard-wearing, still, this might wear out as a result of the severe situations in the engine compartment and consistent operation.

The squeal you noticed may possibly be from an exhausted tensioner and/or a misaligned pulley, for that reason, might as well be sure‚ÄĒsee where the noise is from just before you replace the serpentine belt of your Buick . You will most probably find damage on the cords or ribs of a worn-out Buick serpentine belt. The serpentine belt doesn't instantly discontinue functioning once it starts squealing or cracks-however, you have to inspect it and shop for a reliable OE replacement for your Buick if required.

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