Car Serpentine Belts

The drive train is the assembly that delivers power from the engine to the wheels. When it comes to such car parts as the water pumps, alternators, and AC compressors, it is your vehicle's serpentine belt that serves as the power supplier. It's but a simple belt that runs through pulleys connected to the parts of your vehicle that the belt drives. As the belt moves, it transmits motion to the various parts that it drives, so the said parts are able to perform their function. In its operation, the belt has to remain tough and in good shape for power transfer to take place smoothly.

When it comes to the condition of your car serpentine belt, there are only a few things that you need to watch out for. One is the wearing of the belt because of whatever reason. You need to know when the wear starts and you need to address the problem while the belt is still functioning. Otherwise, accidental snapping can happen and this will almost always result in being stranded. Another common problem is belt slipping, an incident that wastes the energy from the engine as the said energy is lost along the way, not reaching the parts that need it. And lastly, look for misalignment as well.

Once you observe any of the mentioned symptoms, decide whether it's time that you get a new belt. Once you decide that it's time, start shopping for a new one. First, find a belt that is specifically designed for your vehicle-this will determine the fit and efficiency of the belt. Look into the length of the belt, the number of its ribs, as well as the material used in engineering the said part. All these will determine the overall performance of your car serpentine belt.

Once you have your new belt with you, all you need to think about is the installation. You can go either of two ways when it comes to this-either you bring your car to a mechanic and have the part installed, or you do the installation yourself. Serpentine belts are pretty easy to mount as long as you have the correct tools with you. If you've tried the job in the past, then you'll have no problem doing it again. If this is your first time, however, you can consult manuals and guides to help you. It might also help if you have someone with you who is experienced at doing the task, at least this first time.

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