Volvo is credited to have introduced the first safety belt or seat belt in 1849 and the first seat belt to be included as standard was in the 1959 Volvo. From this claims, it showed that Volvo makers were so conscious about safety in driving. Volvo and the rest of the automobile brands have long been implementing the usage of seat belts as an additional safety measure aside from the air bags, power locks and ABS system. The usage of seat belt is already universal that no automobile nowadays comes without even a single seat belt.

The various types of seat belts are as follows: lap seat belt which is already uncommon to newer cars; two-point seat belt which has two attachment points; automatic seat belt which closes automatically; sash seat belt which is an adjustable strap that goes over the shoulder; lap and sash seat belt which was mainly used in the 60s and 70s; three-point seat belt which are commonly available only in the front seats of cars; five-point harness seat belt which is typically found in child safety seats and in racing cars; six-point harnesses which includes an extra belt between the legs that makes it different from the five-point harness; and the inertia reel seat belt which is almost universally used today.

Whatever type of Volvo seat belt installed in your Volvo car, it definitely serves a single purpose and that is to reduce injuries by preventing the wearer from hitting any hard object inside the car or from being thrown from the car. Volvo seat belts are also installed not only in the front seats but also in the rear-seat to prevent occupants from crashing in the front seats. The Volvo seat belts may come with "pretentioners". The " pretentioners" preemptively tights the Volvo seat belt to prevent the passengers from nose-diving in a crash. Dependable locking mechanisms are also featured in a Volvo seat belt wherein it tightens the set belt whenever it is pilled hard.

The comfortable and convenient ride that you get whenever you drive your Volvo is well secured with the usage of Volvo seat belts. Make sure that every time you are headed to any destination, near or far, your Volvo seat belts should be properly worn. However, the frequent usage of your Volvo seat belt may eventually cause it to wear easily. If you will be purchasing new seat belts for your Volvo, simply order it from Parts Train's online system. Parts Train assures you of high-grade Volvo seat belts manufactured by trusted seat belts makers.