Do you know that 40,000 people die each year in car accidents? Half of these accidents could have been prevented if drivers and passengers just took the time to properly fasten their seat belts before they hit the road. Some say that they are only going to the shopping center or just driving around that's why they neglect to put on their seat belts. While others claim that they are good drivers and so, they take these things for granted. These are not acceptable reasons for any driver or passenger to go on a road trip without having their seat belts on. It is a must that you wear one and to see to it that your vehicle is equipped with this seat belt.

For your Scion, there are lots of Scion seat belts available in the market nowadays. But before you purchase one, you have to know what type of seat belt aptly fits your vehicle. There are 9 different types of seat belts namely the lap, two-point, automatic, sash, lap and sash, three-point, five-point harnesses, six-point harnesses and inertia reel. In older cars, the lap seat belts were used. These are adjustable straps that go over the waist. But nowadays, inertia reel belts are used almost universally. These belts are self-adjusting; therefore they are more effective in securing you and your passenger in place.

But no matter what type of seat belt you use for your Scion, the bottom line will always be a safer riding experience. Just make sure that you know how to fasten your belt properly and that it is well-adjusted in a way that you won't slide forward when you suddenly step on the brakes. And when you see that your belt is already becoming more ineffective in holding you in place, you might as well look for a replacement.

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