Safety is one of the most important aspects that vehicle manufacturers consider when producing their lines of vehicles. Vehicles, like Saturn vehicles, are carefully designed to include not only the highest quality parts but also the most reliable features such as the ABS system, A/C system, stereos, and air bags. If car parts are used mainly to enhance the performance of your vehicle, these features on the other hand contribute to a more relaxing, enjoyable, and safer ride. But aside from the features mentioned above, there are other essential components that are integrated in Saturn vehicles to make every ride a safer experience. One of these is the Saturn seat belt.

The Saturn seat belt, also called a safety belt, is used to reduce injuries during an automobile crash. The main function of this is to stop you with the vehicle so that your stopping distance is perhaps 4 or 5 times greater than if you have no seat belts on. If you secured yourself with this seat belt, you will likely to experience reduced injuries since the longer stopping distance will also decrease the impact force. But if you don't have this, chances are you will dash free until you are stopped suddenly by the impact either on the steering column, dash board, or windshield.

So, don't compromise your safety, wear your seat belts when driving. These are equipped with locking mechanisms that will tighten the belt when pulled hard, but do not tighten when only pulled slowly. It is not enough that you have them around you; you have to see to it that they are properly fastened and they fit you well. If your passenger slides forward under a loosely worn seat belt, then you might as well consider having "pretensioners". These can be used to preemptively tighten the seat belt to prevent your passenger from sliding forward in any type of crash.

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