Safety is one of the most important considerations car manufacturers take into account when they develop designs. This is very good news since road disasters is very prevalent nowadays. And even though care and caution is observed when driving, there will always be instances when these unfortunate incidents will happen so it is always best to be prepared for this kind of eventuality.

One of the most important car features that will make a big difference in life and death situations is the seat belt. The use and utility service of this material has been tried and tested to be true, that's why manufacturers are already mandated by law to equip their products with durable and highly functional seat belts. The main role of the seat belt is act as a restraint when the car suddenly lurches to a stop. Through this device, the possibility of acquiring injuries during a crash will be somewhat lesser than if no seat belt is in use. Acting as a restraint it keeps the driver or passenger in his seat, preventing his body parts from hitting the hard interior features or at the worst, be thrown out of the vehicle. Seat belts are installed in the front seats as well as the rear seats to avoid these awful scenarios.

The developers of this device employed the work-energy principle wherein there is an increase in the stopping distance thereby lessening the average impact force. Through the use of seat belt, the stopping distance is increased 4 up to 5 times.

Seatbelts come in different forms based on the material which they are made, for example there is the non-stretching seatbelt harness and there's also the stretching seatbelt. These two types give different degrees of protection for the user. The types of seat belts that you'll encounter in different cars will also vary depending on that particular manufacturer. The lap seat belt is one wherein the adjustable strap goes right over the waist. The second type of seat belt is the two-point which is designed as having two attachment points either a lap belt or a diagonal belt. An automatic seatbelt is one that closes itself automatically. One type that's usually used is the sash wherein the adjustable strap goes over the shoulder. The lap and sash belt is likewise used in some vehicle, displaying the combined function of the sash and lap types. The three-point seatbelt has the capability of the lap and sash but it is made in a continuous web length that protects the chest, pelvis and shoulders. Some of the recently developed seatbelts are the five-point harness, six-point harness and the inertia reel.

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