Nowadays, every vehicle produce like Mazda is equipped already with seat belts. Due to seat belts is one of the most vital safety gadgets on your vehicle, beside from air bags and ABS or the anti-lock system. Seat belts can really contribute to your safety in case of accident like collision or crash occurs. Seat belt or often called safety belt is a certain kind of harness that is designed to hold the vehicle passenger or occupant in place if a collision occurs or if the vehicle suddenly stops.

Generally, seat belts have different types which of course according to its use. The most typical and first designed seat belt is the Lap seat belt. It is has adjustable strap that goes over the waist. The two-point seat belt is another type which has a restraint system with two attachment points, the lap belt or diagonal belt. There is also a seat belt which automatically closes itself or fastened. This is the Automatic seat belt. Sash is another type of seat belts, with adjustable strap that goes over the shoulder, however stops producing due to limited benefit because it is very easy to slip out of in a collision. Lap and Sash seat belt is the combination of two, commonly used in the rear seat. Another type which is now one of the widely used designed of seat belt is the Three-point seat belt assembly; this is similar to the lap and sash, but one single continuous length of webbing. The safer but more restrictive seat belts are the Five-point harnesses. This type of seat belt is typically found in child safety seats and as well as in most race cars. Another type which is more likely to five-point harness is the six-point harnesses. This seat belt is much the same as five-point harnesses but includes an extra belt between the legs. This type of seat belt is now widely used in racing. One of the main used seat belts nowadays is the Inertia reel seat belt. This type of seat belt is effectively self-adjusting, which improves effectiveness.

However, most of seat belts today used automatic locking mechanisms like this Mazda seat belts. This mechanism work as to tighten the belt when pulled hard, for instance by the force of a passenger's body during a crash, but do not tighten when pulled slowly. There are also many seat belts like Mazda seat belts that are equipped with pretensioners, which defensively tighten the belt to prevent the passenger from tugged forward in a crash.

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