When cars were first introduced, the only safety feature they had was the brakes. No other safety amenities like air bags and safety belts. Traveling back then was a sure-fire peril that could get you killed. But gone are those days. Car safety has improved over the years. We can now go to our destinations with ease and confidence because vehicles of today are infused with all the needed safety aspects.

But why is it that accidents continue to take place? Seat belts are outfitted in vehicles but why is it that there are still a lot of people being thrown from the car? Well, simply because the use of seat belts is ignored. Yes, they are there but they are not always used. It wasn't until the legislative bodies in several states attended to this issue of car safety and made the use of seat belts a law that when drivers and passengers don't buckle up, they will be fined.

A seat belt, like your Kia seat belt is a harness designed to hold the person driving the car in place if a collision occurs or if the car suddenly stops. It is intended to lessen injuries in which the driver might suffer by preventing him not to hit the hard interior elements of the car of from being thrown from the car. Your Kia and any other modern vehicle on the road have also passenger seat belts, meaning, not only will the driver benefit from such auto safety device but the occupants inside his car as well.

Most seat belts come equipped with locking mechanisms which tighten the belt when pulled hard. Many seat belts are also infused with "pretensioners" that tighten the belt almost instantaneously to prevent the car passenger from jerking forward during a collision. Just like air bags, pretentioners are activated by sensors and most the pretentioners use expanding gas to drive a piston retracting the seat belt.

Knowing how your Kia seat belt works make you realize how important it is to have it checked every now and then. Like any other parts of your Kia, your Kia seat belt also deserves proper tending. Once damaged, it needs to be fixed immediately. But if damaged is beyond repair, replacing it is necessary or else you'll suffer from a serious injury. For your replacement Kia seat belts, Parts Train is one sure place to go.