Laws in most states require that seat belts be worn at all times. A police officer can literally stop you if he sees that you are driving without a seat belt. This law was basically created to enhance safety measures on the road. Because a simple impact can gravely injure a person, it is essential that seat belts be worn to reduce such injuries that may even lead to death.

Of course, seat belts should be worn correctly at all times in order for it to effectively serve its purpose. A slackly fitted seat belt provides little or no protection at all. Seat belts date back to the 1900s. It was in 1907 that seat belts were first introduced in the market. And since then seat belts have saved thousands of lives from accidents. Car makers continuously look for ways to improve seat belt technology. Seat belts are indeed the single most important safety device in vehicles today. Its durability and high-tech design have been proven helpful in preserving lives.

The pretensioner is one of the newest improvements in seat belt technology. The idea behind the pretensioner is to stiffen up any slack in the belt in case of a collision. The pulling action of the pretensioner helps shift the passenger into the ultimate crash position in his seat. There are several types of the pretensioner system in the market. There are those pretensioners that pull the entire retractor backward and those pretensioners that rotate the spool. Whichever pretentioner mechanism is installed in your vehicle, this device will surely enhance the way your seat belt performs.

Geo vehicles are equipped with the finest in seat belt technology. Geo makes sure that it installs reliable and competent seat belts in its vehicles to ensure optimum safety to its passengers. Through the years, Geo has innovated its seat belt to offer better protection to passengers for thousands of miles. Time and usage though will eventually take a toll on the life of your Geo seat belt. It will wear out gradually until it completely loses its function. When this happens it is important that you arrange for a replacement as soon as possible. Delaying the replacement is never s wise option. Take note that you and your passenger's safety is in the hands of the safety belt. So, ensure that it is always in top condition to offer excellent protection to you.

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