Safety and security features are factors that customers look for when purchasing a car. With the onslaught of auto parts store in the internet today, it is now very easy to get the options that are near to the heart of every person. Everybody wants to be sure that they get to their destination without any accidents especially if you have your family with you. But, no matter how careful you are as a driver, accidents can still happen because there are people out there who are not as careful as you. Studies have proven over and over again that accidents can be fatal and every year almost 1.2 million people worldwide are killed due to car crashes and 40% more than this are injured.

It is no wonder that customers are looking in on all the safety features in their choices. There are various safety devices and equipment that has now been developed to ensure better protection for the driver and passengers alike. One of these safety devices is the seatbelt which has become a permanent fixture or standard safety equipment inside all vehicles. According to the government's estimate, casualties have been reduced by at least 370 deaths and 7000 serious injuries per year since the seatbelt wearing has been made compulsory in 1983.

Seatbelts are harnesses that are designed primarily to hold the user immobile and in place when the car suddenly stops or when collisions happen. The seatbelt is designed to limit the movement of the wearer which then prevents that person from hitting any parts of the vehicle like the steering wheel or dashboard or getting thrown out of the windshield. The wearer's upper body thrusts forward with any sudden stop but will not go any farther because of the seatbelt.

There are different kinds of seatbelts such as two-point seatbelts, three-point retractable seatbelts, five point harnesses, six-point harnesses, lap seatbelts, sash seatbelts, lap and sash seatbelts, and many others. They each have different styles but the locking mechanisms equipped in most seatbelts are almost the same. They tighten the belt when it is pulled hard, however, they do not tighten when the seatbelts are pulled slowly. The more popular one is the three-point retractable seat belt where the strap goes over your shoulder down to the hip and one strap will go over the lap. Wearing a seatbelt should be a reflex or an automatic movement once you enter a vehicle. Immediately replace a seatbelt that is no longer holding a person in place. High quality Chevrolet Venture Seat Belt is offered at Parts Train. We also have accessories like seat belt cover if the strap is harsh on your skin.