Once the CEL comes on, that means that something is wrong with your motor vehicle—a smart thing to do to determine the real trouble is simply by using a scan tool and code reader for your Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper scan tool and code reader is a valuable diagnostic tool that displays fault codes and other crucial data that you have to know to deal with problems of the engine system. As opposed to code readers that mainly display and clear vehicle codes, scan tools are more advanced, as these give you more critical info for checkups and would manage testing.

The scan tool and code reader for your Mini Cooper can be bought in a wide variety of options—you would find basic tools that are manufactured for DIYers and also equipment that are more advanced intended for professionals. It'll be a waste of money should you get a scan tool and code reader that's outdated and doesn't match the year and model of your Mini Cooper. For your safety and convenience, use a scan tool and code reader for your Mini Cooper that is quite easy to understand and provides the features you require for a correct analysis of different car troubles.

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