Car Running Boards

Getting inside a pick-up, SUV, truck, or any vehicle that is a bit too high off the ground can be a hassle. This is why car makers have created running boards. Usually made of steel, fiberglass, or chrome, these safety accessory components are built to support you and your passengers' weight as you step in and out of the car. So if you want to make things easier for yourself and your passengers, put these boards onto your truck or SUV. Installing these accessories will definitely make climbing in and out of your vehicle safer and easier, making them perfect for fans of lift kits and monstrous wheels.

As much as possible, avoid cheap running boards that require welding or drilling. If you're going to drill holes on your vehicle, then you might as well void its warranty (if applicable). Plus, the road salt that's found almost everywhere during winter is going to get in those holes and cause rust to build up. Do you really want to deal with rusty holes on these boards? Definitely not, so to avoid this problem, stick to boards that fit directly and can be bolted on safely with accompanying mounting hardware. Plus, if you go for a board set that's designed to be bolted on the sides of your car, it'll take you less time to attach the pieces since you won't have to drill holes. So for a quicker way of accessorizing your car with a board, go for a no-drill set.

Of course, material and safety features also matter when it comes to choosing the right running board. Even if this accessory is made of steel, aluminum, chrome, or fiberglass, it still depends on the strength of the material used. It would be best to get boards made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel for better rust resistance. Also, look for boards that have professional-grade matting made of durable rubber-or simply put, a cushioned step pad that would help you avoid slipping as you step in and out of the car.

Another tip when choosing the right boards is to make sure they include end caps and mud flaps. Too often, owners are obligated to remove their OEM mud flaps to make way for these accessories. If you don't mind hosing down mud and having your boards mauled by debris, then don't bother to look for boards with mud flaps and end caps. Otherwise, go for those board kits that come with these protective accessories.

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