One of the things that can happen when driving on a bad weather is an accident. And there are so many things that you have to attend to in order to make sure that everything is okay. If it's a minor collision, then the effect may be minor and thus repairable. If it's a major damage then you can be sure you need a replacement. Unfortunately, there are exterior parts that take the brunt of accidents and collisions. There is a tendency to leave it untreated because the cost of replacing large exterior auto parts is quite large. But, leaving them untreated could result to more serious damage. One of these parts could be the rocker panel.

Located along the side of the vehicle and right between the two wheel wells is the Jeep Cherokee Rocker Panel. It is a part of the body panel that is located at the lowest portion that runs underneath the doors. The rocker panel is a three or four inch metal that is usually coated with a rock-proof protection in order to rubberize the outside surface before you can paint it.

In order to enhance and protect your rocker panel, some auto parts like the mud flaps and side skirts can also be attached. The mud flap is attached to protect the rocker panel as well as the doors and fenders from splashes of mud, splatters of road debris like rocks and pebbles. The side skirts can make improve the appearance by making the vehicle look lower to the ground. If a high impact collision caused the damage of the rocker panel then it should be replaced.

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