Long before the Honda Motors Company introduced their line of vehicles to the US market, they have already been producing cars for the Japanese market. The first Honda model that was introduced was the Honda Civic. And since then, Honda Civic has been acknowledged as one of the most economical and reliable vehicle model since it was launched in 1972. Despite its small dimensions, it has a very good interior space. It has continuously improved itself by changing body styles and coming up with top notch innovations that have upgraded not only the look of the Honda Civic but also its functionality. Each innovation is done with care and with the safety of the passenger in mind.

Although each part is made tough and durable for long usage, accidents can happen to anyone. Accidents do not set the time and weather its going to happen but most often than not bad weather and inclement conditions are risks for drivers. Accidents can vary from small bumps which can be remedied by minor repairs or high impact collisions making the replacement necessary. And large exterior parts are not cheap to replace. One of these parts which may need replacement could be the Honda Civic rocker panel.

The rocker panel is located along the side of the vehicle and right between the two wheel wells. It is a part of the body panel that is located at the lowest portion that runs underneath the doors. The rocker panel is a three or four inch metal that is usually coated with a rock-proof protection. This will rubberize the outside surface before you can paint your vehicle. In order to upgrade and protect your rocker panel, some auto parts like the side skirts and mud flaps can also be attached. The side skirts can improve the appearance by making the vehicle look lower to the ground. The mud flap is attached to protect the rocker panel as well as the doors and fenders.

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