Car Rocker Panels

Road accidents and collisions can happen to anyone at the most unexpected time. No matter how careful you are as a driver, you can never really prevent an accident from happening. And whether it's a low-speed or high-speed collision, you can expect repair bills to somehow dent your budget. This is what makes a rocker panel an important car part. With this component, your car gets protected from road debris-caused damage and severe deformation during accidents or collisions.

Part of the car's frame or body, this bar-like component is considered to be the lowest structural panel in a vehicle. It's a three- or four-inch wide piece of sturdy aluminum or steel that runs along the sides of the vehicle's body between the front and rear tires, and just underneath the doors. Its location makes it very easy to access; you just have to open any of your car doors and you'll see it. Usually, the rocker panel is coated with a rubberized or rock-proof protective paint prior to the overall painting of the vehicle. This is to give it utmost protection against nicks and scores that could start corrosion on the panel.

The main purpose of this metal panel is to strengthen a vehicle's structural integrity. By serving as a supporting beam for the underbody and doors, it prevents the vehicle from getting easily crumpled during a collision. But aside from that, a car rocker panel also makes it easier for you and your passengers to get into the passenger compartment. Because SUVs and trucks have a higher cabin compared to cars, this panel can conveniently serve as a step board.

You can also use it to customize your car for a more personalized look. Some panels already come with bulb socket provisions so you can set them up such that the step bars get illuminated every time you open the car doors. There are other auto parts that can be attached to the panels for more protection and a more stylish look. These include side skirts and mud flaps. The side skirts are attached to the panel in order to make the vehicle look lower and enhance its appearance. The mud flaps, on the other hand, protect rocker panels, as well as fenders and doors, from mud splashes and road debris.

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