Excessively driving all power fuses within the vehicle with elevated currents will result in major electrical failure, triggering all of the units running to malfunction or to blow up; you should get one powerhouse relay to carry out the job of transferring the large voltages from your battery pack to the utility equipment located inside your Volvo 265. The power wiring linked to your tail lights, audio system, along with the startup switch, for instance, wouldn't be equipped to hold exceedingly substantial power voltage without conking out; the Volvo 265 relay can perform the work of delivering these voltages to guarantee your lighting fixtures and all the other units functions.

A typical switch could just handle a minimal quantity of charge to activate the energy contact points in a relay; in case you don't possess previous experience in operating with electricity and also power things, it is best to leave the responsibility to a repair man rather than harm yourself along the process. Electrical interruption will occur if the switch is not correctly linked; when flowing between the connections, the power could be cut off when the fuse overloads.

A faulty Volvo 265 relay is a hazard to the performance of the vehicle; find a suitable replacement from Parts Train and prevent loads of electrical issues. All our products, like those made by 4-Seasons, Beck Arnley, and OEM, are priced at reasonable rates one definitely would not find anywhere else.