Car Reinforcements

If you're going to group your ride's components according to function, they'd fall into three basic categories: The first comprises the parts that make it possible for your vehicle to move and operate, the second includes the parts that make it comfortable and convenient to ride in your car, and the third covers those that protect your vehicle's passengers and onboard systems by serving as safety devices and shielding them during collision. It is the last category that a reinforcement component falls into.

Sure, having solid defensive driving skills lessens your chances of getting into an accident. But then, accidents are accidents-they happen whether you like it or not-and you can't always be in full control while driving. For this reason, you got to make sure that you got a reliable reinforcement in your bumpers. Also called a bumper bar, this component protects the front and rear parts of the vehicle from severe damage, just as an air bag would protect the driver and passengers from impact during collision.

For vehicles with bumper covers, the bumper bar is placed between the cover and the brackets. It's located just behind the energy absorber or that crushable part just behind the bumper cover. Bumper systems without covers, on the other hand, have the bumper bar placed placed before the mechanical energy absorber, thus acting as the bumper cover at the same time.

Reinforcements or bumper bars can be made of steel, plastic, aluminum, or a composite material. But no matter how durable the bumper bar is, road debris can still scratch or dent its surface. Fortunately, removing such minor forms of damage is easy. Just hammer dents back into shape and use a metal smoothing and polishing kit to restore scratched and scored areas. Usually, you just have to hose down the bumper bar with water to make sure no polishing residue is left. For huge cracks, tears, or dents, however, it's best to just get a new car reinforcement. Anyway, it's easy to replace a bumper bar. Just check your car's manual to get a bigger picture of the bar's bolts attach to the frame of your car. Depending on the package of bumper bar you'll buy, you may already get complementary mounting brackets, which you need to install first before bolting the new bar in place.

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