The car's body is made up of different sheet metals that have been stamped into specific shapes. Some vehicle, however do not use sheetmetal for the body; instead they use fiberglass or composite materials for the body panels. Fiberglass body panels are so light yet durable, making them the best for racing applications. On the other had, composite materials mean combination of different materials like carbon fiber and fiberglass for strength and durability.

Other than giving form or shape to the car, the body panels protect the passengers from collision and other outside element. They also improve the airflow and help the car drive through air with little resistance. Sleek finish of the body likewise add luxurious look to the vehicle, making it more fun to dive and a sure stand-out in a parking lot. So if want to customize or enhance your car's looks, you can replace or work on your front or rear panels.

The section found at the rear end of the vehicle is called rear body panel. It runs from the edge of the rear door around the tail of the car to the other rear door. It is usually attached to the roof of the vehicle. Like other body panels, it has inner and outer layer. The outer part serves as a "skin" or a covering while the inner part provides strength to the rear part of the passenger compartment, the trunk as well as the wheel housings.

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