There are a lot of people who choose Saturn cars over all else. They claim that this is so because of the safety features built in manufacturing the car. These safety features give both drivers and passengers of the Saturn car maximum security when inside the vehicle. They come out of accidents with their lives intact because these special features were able to do the job that they were supposed to do.
The resilience of Saturn owes this all to the tough parts incorporated into its engineering. Other safety features notwithstanding, these parts prove durable enough to be able to weather catastrophes that could spell the car's and its passengers' end. One such part is the rear body panel, and such parts, specifically Saturn's, provide just enough strength and stability to enable the car to hold its own against vehicular mishaps like crashes and collisions, rendering its passengers safe and sound.
Saturn rear body panels are originally made of plastic. This is especially done to be able to make the car capable of dent resistance, a feat which proves to be a lot beneficial to the car's passengers for obvious reasons. Saturn VUE models, for example, utilize plastic polymer body panels under which lies a steel sheet structure designed to resist roof crushes that might result from unfortunate incidents. Even Saturn models that do not have this feature still give Saturn car passengers the assurance that passenger safety would not be sacrificed above anything else.
Saturn rear body panels prove to be tough devices meant to complement everybody's favorite car. For a brand that is trusted by millions, this proves to be more important than anything else.